Berlusconi’s Legal Team Demands Trial Delay For Leisurely 55 Course Lunch

Bunga Bunga News: Silvio Berlusconi’s legal team has demanded a delay in his sex trial, so that he can enjoy a leisurely 55 course lunch in a nearby trattoria.

Lawyers for the former Italian premier asked for the delay in the long-running trial in which he is accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute. The say the delay is necessary as Berlusconi’s stomach is making rumbling sounds and that ‘he doesn’t give evidence on an empty tummy’.

“Given his status and the importance of this trial, we feel it is acceptable for Signor Berlusconi to enjoy a modest, relaxed lunch before legal proceedings continue,” said one of his legal team.

“We acknowledge that a simple lunch like this may take weeks – if not months – to eat, but this is not the fault of my client – blame the traditional structure of an Italian meal and the fact the chef will probably storm out in a dramatic fashion if any tourists foolishly decide to order chips with their risotto.”

Story: Simon Swatman