Public Confidence In Police Lying At All Time Low

Law News: New figures suggest that the British public no longer believe that the police are any good at lying, like they were in the 1970’s.

The police watchdog has also questioned the “honesty and integrity” of police officers who met MP Andrew Mitchell over the “plebgate” row which led to his quitting the government.

“It’s not like in the good old days, when the British public were confident that the police could easily fit anyone up for any crime they chose,” said retired Detective Inspector Reg McLagan. “These days the police can’t even convincingly lie about a twat with a bike.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have suggested police officers undergo special ‘bent copper courses’, to be run by former police officers who were able to competently lie all the time during the sixties, seventies and eighties.

“The public needs urgent reassurance,” said an IPCC spokesman. “And what could be more reassuring and nostalgic than a return to the kind of crooked policing we all knew and loved from The Sweeney.”