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10 Surprising Stealth Cakes


Today is Yorkshire day! Perhaps you’ll be celebrating with some Yorkshire tea and cake?

Just remember that cakes don’t always look like the humble Yorkshire parkin or the common Victoria sponge – sometimes cakes can look so un-cake-like you wouldn’t actually know they’re edible.

Here are ten cakey creations stealthily disguised as something else…

1. Snake cake.

2. J. R. R. Tolk-cake.

3. Dame Judi Dench cake.


4. “Up” cake.

5. Scientifically accurate cosmic cake.

6. Cake of Thrones.

7. Burrito cake.

8. Money cake.

9. Computer cake.

10. Cushion cake.

Cake!? Jam!? Mel B!? August 1st is Yorkshire Day – find out how Yorkshire Tea is celebrating by following the updates on Facebook, or via #YorkshireDay on Twitter.