Can we guess your political allegiance with three simple questions?

The i100 site have made a great quiz – that’ll that’ll spot whether you swing for the left or the right.

Press the blue “let’s play” button below to start the test.

Don’t read this until AFTER you’ve taken the quiz OK?

This quiz genuinely nailed us and the psychology behind it is fascinating… so you might want to know how it works:

According to an article in to I100, new research published in the journal Political Psychology by Dr Aleksandra Cichoca of the University of Kent suggests that the way a person uses nouns and adjectives is indicative of how right- or left-wing they are:

“In two studies we obtained consistent support for the hypothesis that conservative political orientation is associated with a linguistic preference for nouns.

“Another interesting prospect is that political inclinations are affected by subtle linguistic cues, so that exposure to more abstract language could shift the receiver’s political orientation in a conservative direction, at least under some circumstances. To the extent that conservative politicians use more nouns than liberal politicians in political speeches, this may serve a strategic function.

“Noun forms may also turn out to be more persuasive to conservatives than liberals.”

If you want to read the full research you can download the PDF “On the Grammar of Politics—or Why Conservatives Prefer Nouns” via wiley.com but it’ll cost you a few quid because academic paywalls.