Nick Harvey’s “Sue. You’re Shouting at Tea” is our favourite earworm of the year

The social media manager at Yorkshire Tea has been earning their weight in tea bags over the last few days, and that’s better than gold because you can’t drink a cup of gold with a Hobnob – other biscuits are available.

After they were savaged because Chancellor Rishi Sunak had posed alongside some of their tea, they tweeted about the need for more kindness on Twitter.

They received a lot of praise for the thread – like this:

But some people weren’t convinced, and someone named Sue had a few things to say.

Yorkshire Tea’s response trended on Twitter for hours, such was its understated brilliance.

The phrase “Sue, you’re shouting at tea.” seemed to achieve a life of its own and become a symbol for how hard some people will try to start an argument online.

Now, its achieved something more than a life of its own – it has become a catchy little song by composer Nick Harvey, and we warn you – it’s an earworm.

Here’s what people have been saying about the ditty.

Juliet Borlase had a thought …

It has “winner” written all over it.


Yorkshire Tea’s takedown of a troll who wouldn’t let that Tory photo go is a very British triumph

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