Boris Johnson’s chair-cleaning stunt is so much better with David Attenborough’s narration

During his arguably non-essential trip to the Covid vaccination centre at Cwmbran Stadium, in which he compared himself to O.J. Simpson, Boris Johnson made quite a performance piece out of cleaning a chair.

He couldn’t have made it any clearer that he’s never cleaned up his own mess – and there’s a metaphor waiting to happen, if ever there was one.

If you were wondering what might raise the baffling clip to the level of comedy gold, wonder no more –

Everything is better with Sir David Attenborough narrating it, but the sound matched the video so well, it could have been made for it.

Tweeters loved it – of course.

Because it’s important never to pass up the opportunity of seeing or hearing Sir David Attenborough, here’s the clip from which the voiceover came.

You’re welcome.


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Source The Breakthrough Party Image Screengrab, Screengrab