Jane Fonda getting her video calls muddled on Golden Globes night is all of us

The absolute legend, Jane Fonda, was awarded a special Golden Globe on Sunday Night – the Cecil B. DeMille Award for ‘outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment’, and there’s no doubt she has truly made many of those.

Her powerful speech, calling on Hollywood chiefs to facilitate inclusion so that all stories are told, is typical of her lifetime of fighting for equality.

But the moving speech wasn’t the only Golden Globes video she starred in that night, as there was also this one that she tweeted.

It’s comforting to know that even Hollywood stars can be out of their depth with the finer points of video calling.

We really enjoyed these reactions.

It wasn’t the first time Ms Fonda had used her social media to laugh at herself. Back in 2017, she posted these before and after pictures at a more conventional Hollywood bash.

How it started …

versus how it ended up.

Still beautiful.

Of course, there was one huge difference between Jane Fonda making a tech gaffe and the rest of us.


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