The Tories have opened up a 10-point lead in the polls – the only 6 opinions you need

They say that there are “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”, so the most recent set showing the Conservatives pulling away from Labour isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of voting intentions, but it’s a little wearying for the government’s critics.

With shortages of everything from petrol to Billy bookcases leading to a glut of headlines about saving Christmas, it’s difficult to pinpoint what aspect of the current situation has got people thinking “D’you know what would be great? An extra five years of this.”

Involving the responses of 1,659 adults in Great Britain, the results come from a sample size far too small to be taken seriously by your average GCSE Maths student, but that didn’t stop tweeters from having one of these moments.

These top tweets convey that feeling beautifully.







There could be one explanation.


A YouGov poll shone a stark light on British attitudes to migrants on the Channel – the only 6 responses you need

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