Norway’s postal service Christmas ad sees Santa bag himself a boyfriend

The days when the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad was the commercial event of the season are long gone, because the funny, tear-jerking or controversial ad field is a very crowded one.

This year, so far, we’ve seen –

Tesco giving Santa a covid passport so he can make all his deliveries.

Aldi getting Ebanana Scrooge to be more like Marcus Radishford and help people.

Racists getting riled because a black family featured in John Lewis’s ET-alike message of reaching out.

Enter Posten, Norway’s postal service, which has released a Christmas advert that both promotes what they do and celebrates the upcoming 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of same-sex relationships in their country.

Harry, played by Johan Ehn, locks eyes with Terje Strømdahl‘s Santa one year, and the chemistry is obvious, but the pair only get to see each other on successive Christmas Eves.

Growing increasingly desperate to see more of him, Harry writes a letter to Santa and – with Posten’s help – he gets what he asked for. He must have been on the good list.

The ad, created by Norwegian agency POL and entitled When Harry Met Santa, might just bring a tear to your eye.

Love is love, actually.

The real-life husband of ‘Harry’, author Mats Strandberg, is obviously very proud of his other half’s role in the heartwarming advert.

The mini romcom got a resounding thumbs up from many people, who posted comments like these.

Talk Radio, which hosts Julia Hartley-Brewer, James Whale and Jeremy Kyle, amongst others, tweeted this.

No prizes for predicting the kinds of responses they got.

People jumped to its defence.

To conclude –


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