A perfect explanation of the Russian stock market in 48 seconds

If the Russian stock market were a person, the paramedics would have their work cut out keeping it alive until the air ambulance landed at the hospital.

The dire state of Russian stocks worldwide, caused by sanctions and boycotts, is very easy to see from these graphs.

One Russian financial expert has gone viral after he expressed those graphs and the wider situation in a more real-world fashion.

Alex Butmanov, CEO of DTI Algorithmic, clearly hadn’t discussed his commentary with Elina Tikhonova, the presenter of Trading in a New Way, and she didn’t look pleased.

“Worst case scenario, I’m going to work as a Santa Claus, as I did 25 years ago.”

“Dear stock market – you were close to us, you were interesting. Rest in peace, dear comrade.”

A Reddit user named u/SteamCleaner23 hit the nail on the head.

This man hit zero. There’s a certain “i don’t give a fuck anymore” sense of freedom and optimism that comes with that. The “well shit, it can’t get worse” feeling. He enjoyed himself.

People were talking about it on Twitter, too.

The Russian stock market remains closed for a fifth day.

Santa Claus it is, then.


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