James O’Brien saying sorry for calling 30p Lee ‘as thick as mince’ is the Apology of the Day

The new Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party, Lee Anderson, hasn’t exactly clothed himself in glory, either before or after his appointment.

He’s known as 30p Lee due to his insistence that a poor person can live on 30p a day if they plan and cook properly – and he later extended this to insist that nurses have no need for foodbanks if they budget.

As well as whipping up questions about his support for the return of the death penalty, Anderson’s past attempts to get a friend to pose as a neutral voter have been dogging him, causing a cringeworthy outburst on Radio Nottingham.

With so many gaffes and scandals surrounding him, it’s no surprise that he’s been a frequent topic on the James O’Brien Show – and not in a good way.

After describing the MP as ‘thick as mince’, James had second thoughts and issued this apology.

@lbc James O’Brien issues a formal and sincere apology to…mince #LBC #fyp #jamesobrien #30plee #leeanderson #tories #radio #uk #news #ukpolitics ♬ original sound – LBC

He had us for a moment. Here’s how TikTok users reacted.

Seriously, man. At least mince serves a purpose.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, and you were very sincere as well. 😂

Ha Ha – well done, James. Not quite sure whether mince will be able to acknowledge your apology. I would like to acknowledge the apology on behalf of mince.

OMG….what a brilliant burn.


There were similar responses when LBC posted the clip on Twitter.

Of course, mince might not accept the apology.


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