This employer wanted job candidates to work for free for a week and got all the responses they deserved

It’s not easy applying for a new job – the task of getting your CV in order (such as it is) can often feel like a full time job in itself.

And then there’s the nonsense of coming up with covering letter and the job interview itself, of course.

But we’ve never come across a job application quite as taxing as this, when the prospective employer requires you to work for a week. For free. After which you still might not get the job.

Here’s the exchange shared by Redditor odway who said: ‘If you string together enough unpaid trials you’ll never have to hire staff again!’

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

“Unpaid trial to learn from current employees” I’ve also heard that you can pay people during this time and call it training.’

‘The ONLY credit I’ll give them is they told them this in advance. When I was 18, 19 my first job was as a telemarketer and the first two weeks were training.

‘What they didn’t tell you until payday was that they don’t pay for training and they were “generously” giving us a 1 week advance on our next bi-weekly paycheck.

‘I will never forget that when we complained they told us “No job will ever pay you for training” and of course no other job has ever played that game with me./’

“I have tons applicants I have to interview still. I might get back to you if i remember”

‘Yeah, no you don’t.’

‘So many giant red flags the job might actually be in Beijing.’

Source Reddit u/odway