Watch Liam Neeson re-enact that Taken moment at an ice-hockey match

When Hollywood star Liam Neeson dropped in to watch an ice hockey match between Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers, it was inevitable that one camera operator or another would spot him and put him on the Jumbotron.

What the crowd might not have expected was that he would treat them to a few seconds as Bryan Mills – his incredibly memeable Taken character.

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The guy behind him obviously loved it.

So did this lot.

That’s why he’s a legend!!! 😂

He called to threaten the Jumbotron operator.

Fine, I’ll rewatch taken for the 76th time.

He’s so cool.

The OG John Wick, kinda. 😂

The flip phone too I am living for this. I love that man!

We can’t argue with TLaz, who said –

He has a very particular set of skills.

He does. Great actor – good sport.


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