Mhairi Black’s brutal PMQs takedown of Oliver Dowden is today’s funniest thing

It’s not often (ever) we leave PMQs feeling better than we did when it started, but thanks to the SNP’s deputy Commons leader Mhairi Black, we did just that.

Black, you might have seen, is stepping down at the next election, describing Westminster as an “outdated, sexist and toxic” working environment.

Her gain will be everyone else’s loss, including moments such as these when deputy PM – ha! – Oliver Dowden thought he had the better of her in the Commons on Wednesday.

Except he didn’t, he really didn’t, and it’s surely today’s best thing.


If you want a longer clip for a bit of extra context …

And here are just a few of the reactions it prompted.




To conclude …

Source Twitter @Haggis_UK