Having a llama at the wedding was funny – but the news anchor’s mistake was so much funnier

A wedding in New York in July had a ‘groomsman’ with a difference. It was a llama.

To be more specific, J the llama from Llama Adventures wore a smart suit and posed for photos with bride and groom Adam and Tara, which drew the attention of a lot of media outlets – including Channel 6 News, Tulsa.

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News anchor Jonathan Cooper had obviously never seen a dog in a Halloween costume.

Reddit users thought the gaffe was hilarious

“Don’t give me that, I’ve seen BoJack Horseman!”

After realizing what he was seeing, I went back and looked at the pictures again and started howling. Hilarious!

I’m just wondering why the llama isn’t spitting at everyone.

Llamas who wear suits are far too sophisticated to spit at people.

I’m in fucking tears!! That is too freaking funny!!

Dude got bamboozled by a llama wearing a suit.

“It wasn’t the first time I fell for the ol’ llama-in-a-suit gambit, and it wouldn’t be the last.”

He looks like an honest llama and certainly not one with a taste for human hands.

He sounded so gentle and embarrassed! Poor guy. Have me a good chuckle, though.

Awwh that sweet summer child.

santa_veronica had an explanation for Jonathan.

The llama was a centaur

If you want to see more of J and the other llamas at Llama Adventures, you can do that on their Facebook account.


Gross but hilarious drama in the llama enclosure

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