Alison Hammond had the best response to a viewer who said her ‘Rolex’ made her feel uncomfortable

Early days we know but leading contender for comeback of the week is surely this.

It’s the great Alison Hammond, who was contacted by one particular viewer to say how much she loves watching her on This Morning. And if you can feel a ‘but’ coming on, you’d be absolutely right.

The problem, it turned out, was because it looked like she was wearing a ‘Rolex’ and in these troubled times it made them feel, well, not quite right.

And it prompted no end of replies, mostly along the lines of this.


And this.

But why we’re really here is because of the response from the This Morning and Great British Bake Off presenter (and much else besides) herself.

Star tweeter of the week!

Have a Hollywood handshake from us.

Source @AlisonHammond