This 39-second egg-themed ‘motivational’ voicemail from a boss didn’t exactly have his worker scrambling to get ready

There are rules about contacting workers who have called in to report their absence, and they can be summed up with ‘don’t’, but we reckon an exception can be made when the contact is like this – purely for entertainment value if nothing else.

See if you agree.

@__jayroy #fyp #fmymanager #imnotgoing ♬ original sound – Roy

“Let’s get up. Let’s get productive, and let’s fucking start the day off good! Let’s fucking go! Today’s a good day!”

Judging by Roy’s #fmymanager and #imnotgoing hashtags, we’re going to assume that not even the thought of all those eggs had the desired effect, but with 650,000 likes and almost 5,500 comments, it certainly motivated TikTok users.

Here’s what they said about it.

At least tell us you made the eggs cause he said it mad times.

Ngl I be needing that talk sometimes.

I want to put this as my alarm clock sound.

I woulda quit.

“You know I’m still not coming in tho right.”

Me when my friends say they don’t feel like going out anymore.

This made me get up.

I’d pay him to send me a motivational message like this everyday.

I’m at work and I applied to 732 more jobs after watching this.

He should be a motivational speaker. Broke and poor like me woulda got me outta bed.

This how imma start replying when ppl call off.
Christine Smith

the_conservative_hippie had a question.

Was that pep talk for you or him?!

No idea, but it could have been worse – much, much worse.

One time I told my boss I couldn’t work bc I was too sick… I fall asleep and open my eyes and he’s standing in my bedroom demanding I get to work.


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