This unfortunate pumpkin incident was already good but the follow-up video made it even better

In the countdown of least likely ways to use your job, kicking a pumpkin and having it hit someone on the head is surely right up there.

So spare a thought for @zachodges07 who claimed just that after accidentally hitting a customer on the noggin with a pumpkin. The incident was caught on security cameras and went wildly viral on TikTok.

@emilioiturralde5 Mi primera y ultima chamba #fyp #miprimerachamba #parati ♬ Mi Primera Chamba – Eladio chambion

And we mention it because he later posted another video which went even more viral.

@zachodges007 Please stop calling me Mr. pumpkin #fired #pumpkin #traphouse #halloween #TRICKortreat #fyp #foryou #mrpumpkin #rehired ♬ Follow joefloww_ for clear skin – Joe Floww

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘The fact she left a REVIEW is insane .’

‘So I’m back from the pumpkin incident and I have to say they have it accurate response.’

‘IM SCREAMING. Her holding the pumpkin .’
Roni Delaney

‘ I’m trying to figure out how you kicked a pumpkin that high .’

‘I’m dying. . Are you really fired? Lmao.’

‘Don’t let the lady see this .’
Geno Bell

“Love that the pumpkin is still there .’

Source TikTok @zachodges007