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Greg Davies’ story was already good but the look on Ryan Gosling’s face made it brilliant

Greg Davies is back with another series of Taskmaster on Channel 4 and Ryan Gosling – specifically, the magnificent song he belted out in Barbie – has been winning all the awards.

So there’s surely no better excuse to enjoy this clip from back in the day of the pair of them having a whale of a time on BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show.

Davies’ story was already good but the look on Ryan Gosling’s face took it to a whole new level.

Absolute hero status, the pair of them.

And here are just a few of the comments it’s racked up on YouTube in the intervening years.

‘What a bloody story haha. Dying of laughter.’

‘I love the way Graham Norton sets his guests up and then sits back and allows them to be the star. Absolutely a master host.’

‘Whenever I’m having a day where All The Things have gone wrong, I tend to hear Greg in my head going, “AUGH NOT THIS! NOT THIS AS WELL!!” Instant mood lift. ‘

‘I love that Ryan Gosling barely has time to compose himself before the next joke and round of giggles kicks in. ‘

‘There’s something really satisfying about watching Hollywood actors laughing at British comedians jokes.’

We’re with this person.

‘I am ashamed to admit I have watched this video 47 times.’


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