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Evan Davis’s brutal takedown of the Treasury’s Laura Trott was already good but her comedy squeak was just incredible

You’ll probably know by now how the BBC’s Evan Davis put Treasury secretary Laura Trott to the sword on Radio 4’s PM.

But it wasn’t just that he schooled her on basic economics …

… he also took her to task on the government’s own track record of U-turns after it highlighted Labour leader Keir Starmer’s own reverse ferret on its green policy.

And we mention it not because it’s a such a great listen – but it is, obviously – but because of Trott’s comedy squeak which took it to a whole new level.

Maybe it was her chair. Or a mouse?

Us too, us too.


Evan Davis ran economic rings around the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in this The-Thick-Of-It-esque interview

Source @christhebarker @Haggis_UK