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Horrible Histories’ 15th birthday sent this ‘favourite sketch’ viral again and it’s a proper treat

At the risk of making you feel even older than you already do, the fabulous Horrible Histories turned 15 this week. Fifteen!

And it’s been responsible for some of the funniest kids’ telly we’ve ever seen, quite apart from introducing us to all that incredible talent who have gone on to do more things than we could shake a history book at.

It was Stupid Deaths that we’ll always remember the most …

But we mention it again because of this particular clip which was sent viral by the birthday celebrations after it was shared by @HaybaleM. And it’s an absolute treat.

Happy birthday, Horrible Histories!

And you can find lots more of this sort of thing over at the official Horrible Histories page on YouTube including this 15th anniversary special!

Source @HaybaleM