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Bad day? Could be worse, you could be this woman trying to hold a pizza and knock on the door at the same time

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘Watch People Die Inside’ for reasons which presumably won’t need explaining.

Especially if you watch this 20 seconds or so which has just gone viral and it’s truly a classic of the genre.

It’s a woman with a take-home pizza after a long day at work, for whom the (relatively) simple task of knocking on the door and holding her dinner at the same time proves a step too far.

She couldn’t enjoy her pizza after a long day.
byu/ash_jisasa inWatchPeopleDieInside


And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘She handled her inner anger better than expected.’

‘This looks like she came home after a long day‚Ķ. I would probably start crying.’

‘That’s a tired person. Mentally tired, not physically. Nowadays I often find myself handling anger situations with a tired sigh rather than fuming like I used to do before. I no longer have the energy for getting angry.’

‘Just like my kids. Shoes, cell phone and 3 other things that in their hands that can go in their backpack…. then they drop the one thing that they should have been actually holding.’

‘That sigh did A LOT of work.’

‘I’d still eat it, dgaf.’

We’d definitely give it some consideration.

Source Reddit u/ash_jisasa