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David Cameron said he wanted to stay as foreign secretary after 4 July and Kay Burley’s comeback was so good even Cameron laughed

There’s not exactly an overspill of senior Conservatives relentlessly banging the drum for their apparently doomed leader, Rishi Sunak.

But one or two are still happy to put their head above the parapet, such as David (Lord) Cameron, who turned up on Sky News on Thursday and was asked by Kay Burley what plans he had for the day after the election.

And her comeback was good even Cameron laughed.


KB: ‘What do you plan to do after the 5th July?’

DC: ‘Stay on as foreign secretary if the prime minister will have me’

KB: ‘I don’t think Keir Starmer wants you.’

Surely he’ll be putting his trotters up?

Talking of which, there was also this, from the same interview on Sky News today.


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