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This woman’s face as Rishi Sunak wanged on about national service sums up the PM’s entire election campaign so far

Rishi Sunak’s wizard idea of re-introducing some sort of National Service for 18-year-olds wasn’t the very worst part of his general election campaign so far. But it was definitely one of them.

And despite all indications that it has as much chance of taking off as those planes for Rwanda, Sunak was sticking doggedly by it during the Sky News election special with Beth Rigby last night.

And we mention it not because of anything Sunak had to say – nothing you haven’t heard on repeat a million times already – but because of the look on the face of this particular audience member (you’ll quickly work out which one).

And if anything sums up the PM’s entire election campaign so far, this is surely it.

And everyone said the same thing.

This person wasn’t so keen.

Well he’s only doing in his best. Oh, you mean the woman?

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