Lord Gaga breaks silence: ‘my wife is out of control’

Lord Gaga broke his famed silence last night over the public conduct of his wife and pop star, Lady Gaga, just as Forbes magazine named her the fourth most powerful celebrity in the world.

Appearing on Question Time next to Lord Mandelson, Piers Morgan and Bonnie Greer, Lord Gaga, commenting on the proposed cuts, described the coalition government as behaving “just like my wife – too young for all this responsibility and consequently out of control”.

The village of Gaga in south-east Rutland, has been the ancestral home of the Gaga family since the Restoration. Previously known only for its remarkable local radio station, Gaga is a quiet corner of the British countryside, unused to its dignitaries dressing up in see-through knickers and a kettle.

Despite constant speculation in the tabloid media about marital problems due to her outlandish stage behaviour, Lord Gaga has never before spoken publicly on the issue. Today his press office refused to respond, but the Reverend Jeremy Snode, vicar of Gaga, was willing to confirm that some of Lady Gaga’s raunchier stage performances had provoked “a certain amount of discomfort within the local community.”

He insisted however that this had nothing to do with the fact that she was an “American”.