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New technology ‘will revolutionise publishing’


Science and Technology News: After months of speculation over the effects of E-readers, kindles, cloud books and an army of robot Dan Browns writing in a bunker with their laser eyes, upstart publishers Penguin have announced what is surely to be a game-changing publishing format in the run-up to Christmas – ‘the paper-back’.

With instants visual download capabilities of 5k per interface, unparalleled weather and sand resistant capabilities and instantaneous ‘on’ pre-connectivity connectivisation, the ‘paper-back’ is destined to be a favourite for literary prosumers who ‘just want to read’.

Extra features include ‘the back page’ and ‘the margin’ which allow spontaneous note-taking optimisation, plus a whole new dimension in user experience and design that commentators are terming simply its ‘thingability‘.

“It is a ‘thing‘,” says interweb blogspert Ivor Keel, “and I mean that in the sense that it is divorced from the digiverse and exists in a state of autonomous ‘thingyness’. It’s this whole developing area of ‘thingability’ that, I believe, makes the ‘paper-back’ so exciting.”

“We’re all aware of the growing dangers of climate change and interplanetary war,” says Penguin spokesperson Jane McVicar, “and paper-backs enhanced durability settings make it the right time for this technology.”

“We dropped a iPad, a laptop, a paper-back and a chimp that had been taught to read – all off the top of a building. The results were quite interesting.”

With Christmas just around the corner, Penguin are hoping that this new innovation will give the ailing books market at much-needed boost.

“Paper-backs don’t just stop when the reading’s done,” McVicar continues, “it’s a never-ending journey. You can display them by your toilet as a suggestion of how intelligent you are, you can burn them as cuts-busting answer to a reduction in your winter fuel allowance and, once you have collected enough of them, you can even stack them on a shelf and keep your walls apart. The possibilities are endless.”