Failed kids books

Some blinding submissions for our failed kids books contest – here are some of our favourites.

Alice in Sunderland

Chicken Lidl

The Father Christmas Delusion
via @rjdgill

Stephen Hawking’s: A Brief History of Playtime
via @PeteJScott

Thomas The Tank Engine and The Rail Replacement Bus Sevice
via @JonBoydon

Dr. Seuss’: How The Coalition’s Austerity Measures Stole Christmas
via @RandomVitriol

The Very Hungry Tape Worm
via @Made_Dad

The Bipolar Express
via @ScurrilousFacts

Josef Fritzl and The Chamber of Secrets
via @AronGamble

Stig Has A Dump
via @dandino66

Harry Pothead and The Half Drunk Prince
via @littlejason

Beatrix Potter’s Adventures of Peter Doherty

Crystal Meth & Alistair
via @kezzlebob

101 Damnations
via @kezzlebob

Horton Hires a Ho
via @kezzlebob

Spot the Dogger
via @lynnemcc3

George’s Marvellous Mephedrone
via @TeddyEastoe

Bukakke and the Beast
via @ScurrilousFacts

The Adventures of Patrick Bateman: The Early Years
via @moc_moc_a_moc

The Boy who Cried Priest
via @ShaneMcBain

The Little Prince Albert
via @mothmun

Goldie Locks Up The Three Au Pairs
via @ScurrilousFacts

The Southern Railway Children
via @Johnny_Two_Dogs

The Fantastic Mr. Fucks
via @Mstourettes

Swallows And Spitters
via @The_Stuster

The Infamous Five
via @andybwhittle

The Secret Lady Garden
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Janet, John &Bob Too
via @FullMetalAnnie

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

James and the Giant Sp-Sp-Sp-Speech Impediment
via @gregoryotoole

Horrible History: Two Maids, One Chalice
via @RBFesquire

via @craigsimpson13

The Tiger who Came in the Tea
via @littlejason

Peppered Pig
via @still_mjp