Top 60 Viral Videos of 2010

You shared them, you liked them , you re-tweeted them , you forwarded them…and now The Poke team has selected the official Top 60 Viral Videos of 2010 for your viewing pleasure.

If you think we missed any corkers then please email or tweet us and we’ll post them..

And so in no particular order of merit or goodness…enjoy…

1. My Life As A Dickhead

2. Masterchef Improved

3. The Apprentice – The Musical

4. The Rubberbandits

5. Kasparov upstaged by flying penis

6. Never Say No To Panda

7. Best worst speech ever

8. The X Factor – Heroes Revenge

9. Drunk bloke

10. Pope Visit – this music is really familiar

11. Nick Clegg Tuition Fees Rap

12. The Snowman (Poke Remix)

13. Trailer for every Oscar Winning Movie Ever

14. Double Dream Hands

15. Commando: The Musical

16. Top Irishman of The Year

17. Peter Sissons lets rip

18. Nicholas Cage Is Acting

19. Don’t Drink and Guard

20. The best 3 second clip on the internet

21. Jeremy Kyle concentrated

22. The Shining – Happy Version

23. X Factor Format Improvement

24. Sky Sports News: The Funeral

25. Ghostbusters vs AC/DC

26. Prize-winning Blonde Moment

27. Celtic Fan’s Celebration

28. North Korean Hell March

29. Terminator 2: The Opera

30. Prequel to Hitchcock’s The Birds

31. X Factor: Stephen Fry Vs Wagner

32. Rihanna – scary naked old man version

33. Obscene BBC Weatherman

34. Why your business card is crap

35. Horse Power

36. Drunk bus lady

37. Whip Yo Exorcist

38. Guaranteed Sex

39. Proper metal

40. The greatest movie clip ever

41. I’m Not Pissed

42. Extreme Shaving

43. Farmers sack drummer

44. Pink Floyd Vs The Beegees

45. Twitter: The Movie

46. Best Action Film 2010

47. Brian Cox gets high on nature and other stuff

48. How The Empire Strikes Back should’ve ended

49. 20,000 Human Leagues under the sea

50. For all the parents in the house

51. Carry on Star Wars

52. What’s your sexy look

53. For all the dad’s in the house

54. Ladies – Mind Your Melons

55. How farmers have fun

56. How to catch a seagull

57. Full Metal Disney

58. Best hurdling race ever

59. Jack Bauer interrogates Santa

60. Finest nativity moment ever