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Mubarak issues message of support for Cameron

Middle East News: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has issued a timely message of support for David Cameron’s embattled Coalition government.

hosni mubarak sends message of support to cameron

As police used CS spray at a demonstration in Central London today, President Mubarak urged the British security forces to ‘show restraint’ and not kettle legitimate tax protesters or push innocent people over and kill them.

Speaking to reporters in Cairo, the President said the UK was a ‘good friend’ to Egypt and offered to help ease the tense situation in the British capital. He urged David Cameron to halt state repression and allow the civil rights of his people, to let them to protest freely and fairly without fear of being attacked by the police or subject to a control order.

“Everyone across the world can see what is needed in the UK,” said Mr Mubarak, “And that means a proper, orderly transition from Eton-led government to a more democratic situation.”

However, he stopped short of saying Prime Minister Cameron step down, although he did say he was worried about the increasing influence of ‘extremist elements’ on the UK government, citing the Adam Smith Institute, MigrationWatch and the CBI.