Play Dictator Hunt – Gaddafi Edition!

David Cameron is well known for his love of sports. In fact there is so little international news of any importance at the moment that the Sunday Times ran a critique of his jogging style this weekend. He is too upright. This could lead to injury.

However, what’s not been under so much pioneering journalistic scrutiny is his love of video games. “I use them to both decide and implement strategy,” Cameron admitted at the weekend. “George Bush used cartoons – I use games. My new version of Duck Hunt, for example, prepared for me by some of Number 10’s policy wonks is called Dictator Hunt – Gadaffi Edition.”

“I have been playing it for a few days now and I find it really helps me to focus on the strategic objectives of the No-Fly Zone. I would recommend it to everyone. It can, I think, give us all a taste of what it’s like to shoot at nasty foreign men from a jet fighter.”

Game by q4nobody.co.uk