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Royal Wedding fever sees Will’s bald spot in fashion

Fashion News: The bald spot, long-time resident of fashion’s style ghetto, is finally enjoying its moment in the sun as Royal Wedding fever sees Prince William inspire the latest worldwide trend.

Beckhams bald spot - prince william's hairstyle sweeps the world

From Hollywood stars to supermodels, sporting celebrities to TV personalities, these days everyone who’s anyone is rocking ‘the crown’ – fashion slang for a ‘hair exclusion zone’ a.k.a. ‘the funky monk’.

Along with Karl Lagerfeld, Nicole Kidman and Dappy from N-dubz, the Beckhams are just the latest to surf the hair zeitgeist, turning up to a charity ball in L.A last night sporting their ‘baldacious’ new look.

Prince William is a style icon,” gushed Posh, “just like his father was – and yes, this season, it is all about ‘the crown’. I love it!”

The Prince himself says he is ‘shocked and surprised’ to be considered an international trendsetter. “I expected people might start to copy Kate’s hair,” he tells I-D magazine this month, “but never on God’s sweet earth did I expect people to copy mine.”