PM returns for emergency holiday in Barbados

Cameron News: David Cameron has interrupted his family holiday in Cornwall for an emergency holiday in Barbados, the foreign office has announced.

Cameron returns from holiday in Cornwall for emergency holiday in Barbados

 “Despite Mr Cameron’s insistence upon maintaining a normal family life with his wife and young children,” said a spokesman, “events in Tripoli, have prompted him to take urgent action with a luxury break on the sun-drenched beaches of Crystal Cove, Barbados.”

Cameron has been ‘in close contact’ with the National Security Council’s Libya committee using Skype on his iPhone en route to Heathrow.

The Ministry of Defence made it clear that the Prime Minister is also in regular communication with US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel using MSN messenger; he will be apprised of unfolding events in the Libyan capital by BBC News 24 which is available on several large plasma screens in the British Airways executive lounge. There he will enjoy a relaxed salmon lunch before boarding a chartered flight to the Caribbean.

Using cutting-edge technology which includes an iPad with hotel WiFi by the pool, and access to CNN International in his four-room cabaña lodge, Cameron will follow every step of this historic Libyan-led uprising against Colonel Muamar Gadaffi.

On Twitter, typed while passing through diplomatic security at international departures, Cameron made clear his priorities in the coming days: “We mst preserve civil order in Libyas capital, set up pst conflict planning etc., sunscreen, Colin Dexter novel.”

Meanwhile, Deputy PM Nick Clegg continues to monitor the situation on teletext at CenterParcs.