Greek tourist industry launch new musical

Greece News: Musical impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber has teamed up with a consortium of Greek tour operators to put together a musical spectacular that he promises will ‘have people falling in love again with a beautiful country at a critical time in its history.’

Greek tourist industry launch new musical

The show’s story focuses on the small coastal resort of Domestos, where lonely orphaned teenager Nana Kouskous lives with her grandmother and makes a meagre living collecting broken plates for recycling – when she meets the moody outsider Mikos Ovapopulos, leader of notorious gang The Ouzo Boys.

Sparks soon fly and a torrid affair is celebrated through hit numbers such as ‘You’re The One That I Want (Can I Borrow 20 Euros Till Tuesday)’.

Joy soon turns to tragedy however, when down-on-his-luck gang member Kenickinikinis dies in a tragic accident while racing his souped-up car ‘Greek Lightning’ to prove his masculinity, after his girlfriend leaves him for the owner of a local taverna, and Mikos threatens to join the Navy.

But ultimately the show tells a story of the redemptive power of love and the strength of the human spirit when seen through the eyes of young lovers in a land of breathtaking beauty, classical ancient heritage, crystal clear lagoons, spotless beaches and of course, perfectly palatable, uncontaminated tap water.

The Greek Tourist Association hope that the musical will bring holidaymakers flocking to the country to support its floundering financial circumstances, and the show itself will also make a lasting contribution to the Greek economy.

If it proves a success, Lloyd Webber promises to improve the international prestige of the Islamic Republic of Iran next year, with an all-singing, no-dancing spectacular called ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sharia?’

Story+Image: Chris Miller

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