The Larval Stages of George Osborne

Science News: Previously unseen images of the Larval Stages of George Osborne have been published today in the scientific journal, ‘Nature.’

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Before the photographs were released, the nature of George Osborne’s life cycle was a hotly debated issue: While some asserted that he was made out of Playdough by a child, others contended that his development was similar to that of mammals.

The truth is, like any other teenager, the larval Osborne underwent some pretty big changes at puberty,” said expert Professor Keith Gormand, “His voice started to break, he grew hair and extra legs on segments of his body that didn’t have hair or legs on them before. Then he wove himself a cocoon out of copies of The Daily Telegraph, pupated for six months before emerging as a fully formed Young Conservative.”

We only hope that these images provide a better insight into the hardships George went through to get where he is today. He may be descended from Anglo-Irish aristocracy with all the wealth and privilege that entails, but few of us can claim to know the difficulties of being a grub the size of a man’s hand.”


Story+Images: Toby Tripp