Clarkson ‘deeply jealous’ of Gervais Twitter fans

Mong-gate Latest: Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he is deeply jealous of the kind of support Ricky Gervais gets from his fans on the social networking site Twitter.

Jeremy Clarkson 'deeply jealous' of Gervais Twitter fans
Clarkson, 51, was responding to the recent controversy sparked by Gervais, who’s use of the word ‘mong’ on Twitter has been met with loyal support from his fans.

I’ve made a career out routinely saying offensive things,” said the Top Gear presenter. “But do my fans aggressively stand up for me, and attack anyone who suggests I might be in the wrong? No, they say nothing.”  

Throughout my career I’ve joked about Koreans eating dogs, made constant – almost tiresome – Nazi references, mocked Gordon Brown’s blindness and suggested the abolition of the Welsh language. All I ask in return is that an angry mob of Internet users violently defends me.”

Clarkson is known almost obsessively check the comments section of his column every time it’s published on The Times website, but is always left feeling disappointed with the experience.

The comments usually just say ‘Right on Jezza!’ or are people trying to sell Viagra,” said a close friend of the broadcaster and writer. “But he’s already got James May and Richard Hammond to do that for him.”

Story: Simon Swatman

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