The Proof: Google knows EVERYTHING

Illuminati Latest: A programming glitch in the native Google-powered maps application for the Apple iPad has accidentally revealed the amount of information that Google knows about everyone and everything.

The pictures in the gallery below are 100% genuine un-doctored screenshots from an iPad1 running searches on the native Google-powered map app using iOS5.

[imagebrowser id=165]

So what does Google know?

Google knows the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. He’s enjoying a pint in the Plumber’s Arms, London.

Google knows there are mass graves scattered on sites all around London, including the University of Westminster.

Google knows that the FBI’s most wanted man is new Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahri. If you’re interested in claiming the $25million bounty on his head, Google says he’s at a London events company in SW19.

Google knows that there is an arch-criminal’s secret hideout in or under The Soho Theatre.

Terrorists. Where are they? Google places quite a few in Belfast and the rest are dotted around Britain, but most of them seem to be at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre attending some kind of convention.

Google knows that the most selfish man in Britain is currently in Winchester Cathedral, maybe looking at the postcard rack. The drunkest person is Sir Richard Steel and the loneliest woman divides her time between the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the 100 Club, the Tate Britain and the Old Lighthouse near Eastbourne.

Google even knows where I keep my porn stash. (It’s divided between a tiny village called Nelson, Bristol and Number 10 Downing Street.)

Find an iPad. Try it for yourself. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING.

Investigative Reporting: Toby Tripp