Ryan Gosling in too much stuff these days

Movie News: Actor Ryan Gosling is in too many films at the moment, according to senior Hollywood insiders.

Ryan Gosling in too much stuff these days
If current trends continue, there’s a very real possibility that Gosling will be in all major movies in 2012,” warned a recent editorial in Variety magazine.

This would make the 2013 Oscars an uncomfortable affair, as Gosling will doubtless be hosting them.”

Looking back, it’s hard to believe Gosling wasn’t in any films during 2007 and 2008,” says culture expert Kip Chadburst.

But now IMDB is says he’s got nearly 400 films in pre or post production for next year, a feat only possible because 80% of his scenes involve him staring silently at the camera.”

Hollywood hasn’t faced a problem like this since Eddie Murphy decided to play all the roles in every film,” said Variety. “But thankfully that famously ended after an armed uprising by the Screen Actors Guild in 2007 when Norbit came out. Gosling should tread carefully.”

Story: Simon Swatman

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