Barratt to make homes affordable for under 35’s

Housing News: Barratt Developments, the UK’s largest house builder, has unveiled plans to build millions of new homes that people under 35 can easily afford.

Barratt to make homes affordable to under 35’s
Our latest range of homes will make the dream of ownership a reality for hundreds of thousands of young people,” said a Barratt spokesman.

The new houses have funky, colourful architecture, a real sense of fun and will be very hard wearing – as long as you don’t melt them with a stray cigarette or try and sit on the roof when drunk.”

As well as affordable housing, we will also offer various executive options, including a plastic slide and sand pit option – ideal for the busy young businessman on the go.”

Housing minister Grant Shapps gave the plan his seal of approval. “Now more than ever the U.K needs affordable housing, and this new scheme will deliver both housing and a childlike sense of wonder to the new estates that will be created.”

It’ll be like a pub beer garden, but without the anti-social elements – like the pub.”


Story+Image: Simon Swatman