Rushdie fatwa now available on iTunes

Apple News: Apple announced today that they are moving into the religious edict market with papal bulls, decrees and even fatwas now available to download on your iPhone or iPad.

“Yes, people want music. Yes people want films and podcasts – but what my research shows during the countless hours I’ve watched network television is that worldwide, people get most excited about religious commandments,” said iCommad director Sally Grantham.

Marketing and PR for the new strategy is being driven by the 1989 fatwa on Salman Rushdie, available for the first time and free if you download ‘Satanic Verses’ or his latest book ‘Joseph Anton’.

“I’ve never downloaded a fatwa before,” says iTunes fan Mark Howard, “but I’m excited by the interactivity and the chance to play my part in a quater century of bigotry and hatred.”

“The real money is in excommunication,” continues Grantham. “We’ve been working on a complex deal with the Vatican for 18 months now and if we can agree on pricing, then the ability to download a realtime Catholic censure with papal validation for you or a friend could really boost digital sales in Q1.”

Story: Jasper Gibson

Image: Q4Nobody