40 Magazines That We Would Buy Immediately

Traditional print publishing may be going through a ‘crisis’, but that’s clearly because they don’t have magazines like these…

1. iSpy Enthusiast

by @Kittus + @gerritbasson

2. The High Ground

by @QuantumPirate

3. Cockhandler

by Ben Gough

4. New Scientist

by @QuantumPirate

5. PlayOwl

(via @QuantumPirate)

6. Old Fart

(via @thrivedigital)

7. De-Worming World

by Ben Gough

8. Readers Chives

by @scottywrotem

9. Robot Dating

by @PapasWorld27

10. Piss Artist

by David Glasper

11. Spreadsheet Enthusiast

by Ben Gough

12. Paper Wastage Weekly

by @utterben

13. Spinster

by David Glasper

14. Inside Nature’s Giants At Home

by @Falseadverts

15. London Review Of Pornography

by David Glasper

16. TimeOut Prisons

by @Feelwelcome

17. Bucket Collector

by Ben Gough

18. Pointless Gossip

By @SamEyes

19. Ex Magazine

by @craiguito

20. The Nag

by David Glasper

21. Modern Toilet User

by @alreadytaken74

22. Torpedo Files Monthly

By @tokyo_sexwhale

23. Facebook Weekly

by @craiguito

24. Modern Bullshitter

by @DocHackenbush

25. Emeli Sande Magazine

by @Luke_Cox

26. Umpire

by @Brandy_Snap

27. For hipster decorators

by @robinpeyton

28. Hoarder Weekly

(via @tumour)

29. Middle Class Monthly

by @rustyhancox

30. Reader’s Digestives

By @robinpeyton

31. The Magazine


32. The Patroniser

by @Okeating

33. Witch?

by @jimmythepea

34. Generic Celebrity Magazine

by @rustyhancox

35. Modern Beard

by @ThrustBastard

36. Super Injunction Monthly

by @tumour

37. You And Your Bloody Wedding

by @Kittus

38. Meh…

39. Doily News

40. Over Analyzing