How To Be A Good Friend

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As South Park educates us every week, it can sometimes be tricky dealing with friends. Who are we kidding, sometimes it can be damn right annoying and getting on with everyone harmoniously can be a bloody nightmare, especially at this time of year. Here are some valuable tips on peaceful co-existence to make sure you and your mates don’t end up killing each other this yuletide.

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1. If your friends stay over, make sure you treat them with respect. (via)

2. Try to resist the temptation to leave passive aggressive notes [via]

3. If your friends have been drinking, comfort them. [via]

4. Always ensure your modesty is covered up around friends.

5. When visiting friends, brighten up their otherwise dull everyday objects. (via)

6. If your friends step out of line, you know what to do.

 7. Remember that your Facebook friends are not necessarily actual friends. (via)

8. Make sure you always pay back any debts you might owe. (via)

9. Teach your friends about the danger of leaving their iPhone unattended. (via)

10. A true friend is always there for you. (via)

11. Make sure all your friends have a clear understanding of privacy. (via)

12. Look out for any of your friends that might suffer from allergies. (via)

13. Apart from your friends, also show consideration for your neighbours. (via)

14. When your friends achieve something, be sincere in your appreciation.

15. Manage your relationship with nature. [via]

16. Always take time to listen to your friends, no matter what the situation.

17. Deal with fridge theft appropriately. [via]

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