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‘Life Of Poo’ Makes A Splash In Japan

TOKYO, JAPAN: Most of us don’t like to make a song and a dance about heading to the toilet for a euphemistic No. 2. But in Japan there is currently an entire museum exhibit dedicated to what we flush away…


Australian website reports that Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is inviting children to wear “poo-shaped brown hats” while they slide “excitedly down a chute into a lavatory standing five metres high” at the much talked about Journey of Poo. (No word of Christopher Robin, we note).


With the aim of educating visitors about waste products, at the heart of the exhibit is an angry lavatory who demands to know “what would happen if the world’s loos refused to do their jobs” – while encouraging toddlers to say thank you after flushing. (Well, you would if the lavatory was angry, wouldn’t you?) Kids are also invited to create plasticine poops in a toilet themed art room. Here’s hoping none of them leave a poop they created earlier…