13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ask A Chinese Photoshop Expert For Help

Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. It can take ordinary pictures and make them spectacular… or backfire brilliantly…

The following were posted on a Chinese news site Beijing Daily. They all involve a request to fix a mistake or to improve the photo in some fantastical way. 

1. Request: “Can you make me look better? I gotta show this to my wife’s father!”

photoshoptrolltwo (5) photoshoptrolltwo (6)

2. Request: “Make me look cooler, but don’t use any cheap effects.”

photoshoptrolltwo (9) photoshoptrolltwo (10)

3. Request: “I want more style.”

photoshoptrolltwo (13)

photoshoptrolltwo (14)

4. Request: “It looks like there’s a strange woman taking a dump in the background. Can you do something with this?”

photoshoptrolltwo (15)

photoshoptrolltwo (16)

5.  Request: “I’d like a Prince Charming with me, please.”

photoshoptrolltwo (19)

photoshoptrolltwo (20)


6. Request: “I want you to put me with that girl in the photo below.”

photoshoptrolltwo (25)

photoshoptrolltwo (26)

photoshoptrolltwo (27)

7. Request: “Give me any kind of weapon!”

photoshoptrolltwo (30)

photoshoptrolltwo (31)

8. Request: “Put me in a scene with a beautiful woman, please.”

photoshoptrolltwo (38)

9. Request: “I want to look like a hero with courage”

chinesephotoshoptroll (9) chinesephotoshoptroll (10)

10. Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”

chinesephotoshoptroll (13)

chinesephotoshoptroll (14)


11. Request: “I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?”

chinesephotoshoptroll (17) chinesephotoshoptroll (18)

12.Request: “Please make me more intimidating!”


13. Request: “Please put me on a cool motorbike”




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