Millions Of Apple Accounts Infected With U2

Tech News: Apple have suffered another major security breach, after millions of iTunes accounts around the world have been infected with the new U2 album.


It’s estimated that some 500 million accounts have been compromised and infected with what has been nicknamed “Songs of Innocence”.

“When I woke up this morning I noticed that U2 had somehow gotten into my iTunes library,” said one victim.

“It’s such a sickening violation of my personal privacy and basic human rights – I can totally relate to how Jennifer Lawrence must have felt when her iCloud account got hacked.”

The tech giant says there is no easy way to fix the hacked accounts and users concerned about the unwanted presence of U2 should take immediate action.

“It’s a deeply troubling situation,” said an Apple spokesman. “We urge users to change all their passwords as soon as possible – and then throw all their Apple devices into the sea. It’s the only way to be sure.”