22 Reasons To Love Ireland

There are many reasons to fall in love with the emerald isle, but here are 22 that you probably hadn’t thought of.

1. The emergency services.

2. The public transport.



5. The relaxed traffic laws.

6. As well as the relaxed dress code.

7. The terrific postal service.

8. The ummm… accessibility?

9. The opening hours.

10. The parenting techniques.

11. The weather.

and the radio stations

via @ciarancreagh

via @ciarancreagh

12. The generosity of drivers.

13. The respect for financial institutions.

14. The pubs.

via @sweetoblivion26

via @sweetoblivion26

15. The fact the public are not afraid to protest.

16. No matter what the consequences.

17. The soup of the day.

18. The Field Art.

19. The signs at Dublin Zoo.

20. The way they advertise art exhibitions.


21. The manners.

22. And finally – the Christmas celebrations.

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