10 Christmas Gift Ideas For People You Hate

Forced to buy a present for the office secret santa or some distant relative you can’t stand? Don’t worry, here are some great ideas for hate-shopping.

1. DIY Edible Underwear
Pants made of dried meat. It’s even homemade!

2. Justin Bieber Jumbo Alarm Clock
You won’t “Beliebe” it’s time to get up and go to work again.

3. The Uroclub
Perfect for the golfer with a weak bladder who doesn’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure.

4. Ketchup
What says ‘Christmas’ better than a custom bottle of Heinz.

5. A Sex Coupon
Stop being modest – let everyone know that you are a considerate and skilled lover.

6. Santa’s Buttocks Travel Pillow
Make any long trip restful by settling down between the fuzzy cheeks of Saint Nick.

7. The Gift Of Art
Certainly art is a subjective thing – but nobody would argue that this example isn’t a masterpiece.

8. Goatee Shaving Template For Men
The makers boast that it “creates & maintains a perfectly shaped goatee.” It’s also perfect for doing Bane impressions.

9. The Egg Minder
A digital wi-fi egg tray that lets you “keep track of your eggs via an app”. You massive, useless twat.

10. Relationships for Dummies
Christmas isn’t just about eating, drinking and gifts. It’s also about reminding people they they are probably going to die unloved and alone.

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