“Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood” hilariously nails how sexist the advice given to working women is

@manwhohasitall is a superb Twitter account that highlights the phrasing often found in women’s magazines and reverses it to be about men.

And the result both highlights sexism AND is extremely funny.

So here’s 17 of the best:

  • “I’m not hung up on the term ‘spacewoman’ because I know it refers to both women & men.” Tim, age 44, male spacewoman
  • MEN! If you speak up in a meeting & want to be taken seriously, dress smart but not too smart, stay calm & avoid appearing too ambitious.
  • “I genuinely don’t have a problem with male politicians, as long as they are able to represent everyone, and not just men and men’s issues.”
  • MEN! Accentuate parts of your body you like e.g. good legs, to draw attention away from problem areas e.g. the things you do and say.
  • “Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely fine with dads who work. It boosts their self esteem and gives them an identity beyond just ‘dad’.”
  • “I have absolutely nothing against fathers in the workforce, as long as they can concentrate on the job.”
  • To all men with an opinion. Don’t be AFRAID to speak up! It’s OKAY to be a man and have an opinion. Some women actually find it attractive
  • “People often say to me, ‘You’ve got your wife well trained’ because she helps me with the housework. It’s true. I’m so lucky.”
  • Working husband & father? Feeling overwhelmed? YOUR FAULT. Drink more water, get up earlier & dress in your ‘wow’ colours.
  • “I have absolutely no problem with male software engineers, as long as they have the necessary technical skills.”
  • Kids in bed? Wife back on the playstation? Time to light a scented candle, snack on ONE almond & drink a full glass of water. ‘Me time’.
  • “My wife actually respects men. She thinks they can be just as capable as women. She’s great. I’m SO lucky.”
  • “My wife is actually really good. She irons her own tops & makes her own sandwiches,” Steve, age 37. You’re one lucky man Steve.
  • RISE & SHINE BUSY DADS! Saturday is your day. Ask your wife to babysit for a couple of hours so you can do the laundry. ‘Me time’.
  • “I have absolutely no problem with male managers, as long as they leave their hormones at home.”
  • My wife is very much a ‘hands-on mum’. I’m so lucky. She’s really good with them. She even changed their nappies when they were little.
  • Wife back on the playstation? Kids asleep? Celebrate your flaws in a candlelit bath with a turnip yoghurt and a whole almond. Enjoy.
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