Brian May didn’t like the Guardian slagging off Bohemian Rhapsody’s editing (but watch this and you’ll see why they did)

The makers of Bohemian Rhapsody ending up having the last laugh over the critics who slagged it off after winning a hatful of Oscars last night.

Along with Rami Malek, who won the best actor prize for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury, it also won prizes including the best editing Oscar.

Which really, really surprised people because, well, watch this.

It IS quite rapid fire, isn’t it?

And the criticism hadn’t gone unnoticed by none other than Brian May, who had a very close hand in the making of the film, and it turns out he’s still quite angry about it after he bumped into the Guardian’s Hadley Freeman last night.

Here are some of our favourite things people said about that clip.

Apparently the Live Aid scene was really good, though. And it’s all about opinions, right?

And to read Hadley Freeman’s full Oscars piece you can find it here.