The look on Jamie Oliver’s face when he tried to put American kids off chicken nuggets went viral all over again

Over on Reddit people are taking great delight in the look on Jamie Oliver’s face when he tried really, really hard to put these American children off chicken nuggets.

He did this by showing them exactly how they were made except, well, it didn’t turn out quite as he might have hoped.

That’s gotta stick in the throat.

‘Two things,’ said Redditor Elriuhilu. ‘I don’t know what he thought was going to happen. I mean, they’re small children. Second, he demonstrated how great and not wasteful the process for making nuggets is. Why would you not eat something made of real chicken meat that actively reduces food waste in an efficient way?’

NotASuicidalRobot: “I mean its still meat, you’re not planning on drinking the pink smoothie are you?’

It was different on either side of the Atlantic, by all accounts.

Ha, well. Maybe.


Someone asked if Jamie Oliver was about to eat his children but the TV chef found it hard to digest

Source Reddit Twitter @demarionunn