Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coronavirus updates are an unexpected bright spot in dark times

We never thought we’d be saying this, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his pets will be an important resource during the coming months.

For a start, he shared his hand-washing tutorial, which was supposedly aimed at his dog, Cherry.

He hasn’t stopped there, though …

He had advice on getting fresh air while practising social distancing.

Who was that big guy in the background?

There was a strong warning about going out …and eating cookies. Spoilsport.

Arnold’s pet donkey, Lulu, stopped by to reinforce the message, and got a nip from Cherry for her trouble.

This message highlighted a major issue for struggling families, now that schools are closed to most children.

There are countless charities, some near you, looking for donations of whatever people can spare – a quick search online will show you where to send money.

Above all – listen to sources you can trust – as Arnold, Lulu and miniature pony, Whiskey are doing.

Furthermore, don’t forget this very important section of society – those who can’t stay indoors and be safe.

Appreciate those who have to go out in the best way you can – by staying the fuck at home.


That thing when you wish Arnold Schwarzenegger was president

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